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Picture this hypothetical situation: an archaeologist goes alone into a newly discovered meso-egyptian tomb and sets off a TOMB TRAP - he is PEIRCED in the HEART with an arrow and dies slowly over two days. what the general population fails to realize is that this wasn't an archaeologist. Not at all. it was actually a convicted serial killer, gold digger necrophiliac. he killed a famous archaeologist and wore his face as a mask, and went into the tomb hoping to hook up with the mummy. he is now dead in the tomb, and no one can arrest him because it's only satisfying making someone serve a sentence if they're alive. the governmets is only looking for satisfaction. So, here we have the knowledge gap. between you, the sheeple, and the ruling elite. what they want you to think, is that a famous anthropologist died in a tragic tomb accident. if the truth would come out, there would be a massive overhaul of the system, and thats not good. unfortunately, in the elite families there is always a trickster little devil planted by probably an fbi agent or something, and he leaks the information onto wikileaks. if not for the fbi tricksters, we, the populace, would be constantly in the position of a child, always trying to reach the cookie jar, except our parents sawed off our legs and we bled to death. and there wasnt a cookie jar to begin with. we are entertained by superficial things, such as a critical feminist review of the movie, Ghostbusters. What is the feminist rating? oh, you would like to know that wouldn't you. you sit back and watch residue film while the government is poisoning you with yucca plants. you think you are escaped from the mind control, but you never are. your tin foil hat and mysteriously pirated copy of revenge of the sunfish will spare you no asylum. the only way to be truly free is to move to sibera, where all intellectuals go to die. where you will bathe in your own physical and mental torture until your brain kills itself with antifreeze
s-TV15 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014
Politricksters! Everywhere!
destroyallantz Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
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June 30, 2014


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